up to 1 Gbps with HC

up to 474 Mbps at 60 MHz 1024 QAM

up to 472 Mbps at 56 MHz 1024 QAM

Frequency Bands 11GHz, 15GHz, 17GHz UL, 18GHz, 23GHz, 24GHz UL, 25GHz, 26GHz, 38GHz, 42GHz and more*

Antenna Integrated antenna

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Integra is an unbelievably light, energy efficient carrier-grade system that exemplifies an outstanding return on smart engineering – the synergy of high competence in radio electronics and materials science. Integration of next generation microwave radio with high and super high performance antennas into a single unit translates into a lower total cost of ownership, as well as less time spent on the installation site, and better reliability of the link even in densely served areas.